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Essentials: Performance adds 45 additional new kits, with an alternative modern secondary cymbal setup on many kits, and includes the Essentials: Rock 5 additional cymbal sets. As always, your favorite cymbals, toms, snares and more can easily be copied to other kits to create the kit of your dreams!Essentials: Performance has been created with consistency and live performance in mind.VExpression is proud to offer this new series, Essentials for the TD-30.This series is designed as a plug n’ play expansion for drummers of all levels wishing to jump right into playing with their favorite bands and tunes; without the worries of processing and mixing.If your chop-makers have been itching to touch and try the new Zildjian cymbals from the NAMM Show in January, they're in luck; as the entire range will be in PMT Birmingham on Saturday 11th March!

Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone: I sold a 22” Turkish K, probably mid-1960s, audible on the new Regals CD (in fact, it’s all over the mix like a rash: I loaned it to the other drummer on the date) for fully 00. Enough of that, hie thee to cymbalholic for your “K fix”.

Plus, Andy is also a representative of Tama Drums, so he can help you find the perfect Tama kit too.

Not only that, but Andy will also be bringing some other tasty treats with him too that drummers don't usually get to see in UK music shops!

Quite right but there’s a hierarchy of good, better, and best and I reserve the right to tag them.

The following once tallied 50 but I’ve chopped it down to create controversy and get drummers thinking.

Print it out and go shopping at pawn shops and second-hand instrument shops.

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