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This partnership allows beauty fans around the world to experience L’Oreal products like never before and represents a significant milestone that transforms the way consumers discover, try and buy beauty.” Through this new offering, L’Oreal makeup fans will now be able to save time and money by buying the shades that match their skin tone or look good with their fashion style.

As tech savvy consumers continue to gravitate towards digital offerings like this, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see major brand partnerships develop to meet these growing desires.

Think before you cam Always consider who you are chatting to and what you are sharing with them.

Sharing photos or video taken via a webcam can give away personal information.

It can be both time consuming and at sometimes a waste of money.

It’s far better to stick to chatting with people you know in the offline world too; your family and friends.

If a site or service has privacy settings, always make use of them to control who can contact you.

So, what other apps apply subtle filters that can show you your face in a whole new light?

There are quite a few out there that offer different versions of Face App's popular filters or allow you to augment your face and body in a fun and (mostly) realistic way.

A new photo editing app has recently exploded in popularity, dominating social media with its semi-photo realistic transformations.

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