Xfactor speeddating


It is up to the daters to determine if they are sitting across from a potential match, or a murderer!

Throughout the evening the serial killers will try their best to tamp down their primal urges to kill, while also keeping their eyes on their favorite singles.

The event is actual speed dating, in which prospective daters will have five minutes to sit across from each other and try to make the perfect first impression.

However, hidden among the daters will be a few "serial killers" just "dying" to meet them.

The individuals arrive without teams or ideas, and six months later, some depart as co-founders of brand new companies.

Since its establishment in 2011, EF has launched 143 companies with a collective value of more than £400m.

She is absolutely every man’s dream; the proper girl next door. When you used to work at the call centre, did you used to sing out loud?

"The response has been incredibly positive so far," said Abel Horwitz, creator of Serial Killer Speed Dating, "and we wanted to throw a party for the holiday of love, or Single’s Awareness Day, however you choose to celebrate." Horwitz and his performers (who remain secret, as they will be interacting with the daters) have noted that the mystery of a potential killer sitting across from you brings a unique edge to each date.

"Part of the appeal of speed dating is that you get a face-to-face date," continues Horwitz.

Stevi Ritchie is 2014’s loveable X Factor contestant who blows us away with his cheesy weekend performances. As well as revealing his love for singer Sinitta, the 34-year-old talked call-centres, pranks and unconditional love for daughter, Summer.

She looks so good for her age, d’ya know what I mean?

Its founders Matt Clifford and Alice Bentinck (pictured) created EF to stop people “drifting into predictable fields” such as banking.

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