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Understand the difference between lust and love, the attitudes towards relationships and sexuality and the dynamics of a long-distance relationship.

Or simply, have fun analyzing the love in your relationships.

Ledger clearly hits the role as THE alpha male in every scene.

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From every step in his walk, to the gestures of his hands, and the tonality of his voice, he is constantly displaying confidence.

Last night while browsing through the movie listings I noticed the movie Casanova, the 2005 version with Heath Ledger.

I figured that even though the movie itself didn’t look that great, I could still capitalize on learning from a movie about one of the world’s greatest lovers.

It brings opposites together and unites those who are similar to one another.

Discover the types of love and the language of love.

People who love one another express it in ways that may be unique and offbeat or simple and ordinary.

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