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I’ve learned that each number the dealer calls yields a purpose and each date you go on helps get you one step closer to a long-term partner.

1 week: For the first few dates showing up on time and being yourself is a sure way to start the date off right. While your date’s eyes may be nice to look at, here at CMB we think his mobile apps are so much more revealing. So tell me, what does your date’s i Phone say about him?With hundreds of thousands of apps available in the App store, the few that actually make it to your date’s i Phone say a lot about his personality, his interests, and his priorities. A quick peek at his i Phone apps will answer all your questions. If you’re into witty banter, coffee shops, and peanut M&M’s — you’ll love Dave. And even if it isn’t – better to have given it an honest shot than to have cut it off at the knees just for the sake of a bunch of unlikely maybes, right? Could be that’s part of why I am single – beyond the fact that a part of me really likes being single. A girl that just naturally looks for the joke in the conversation. It usually doesn’t take long in a relationship to figure out if someone is all about themselves. And nowhere in any of those marriages do I see the idea of “soulmates” carrying them through the hard times. Even though his last name is a nightmare to spell and pronounce, he’s a good guy. Maybe it will be the best relationship you ever had. I have aunts and uncles married 20 years, cousins married 10 years and friends married just a couple years.

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