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Speaking exclusively with , Gupta explains the company’s unique solution to the 3D mapping problem: It has partnered with delivery fleets to collect its data.In exchange for attaching sensors on top of their fleet vehicles, Carmera provides its partners, including storage startup Make Space, with video monitoring data and data analytics around safety and efficiency. First roads are already emerging from nowhere, and only your decisions will shape the city growth.

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The model is a mix of LOD3 and LOD2 with emphasis made around the central site where the main developments will be.

Our model of Liverpool Docks was commissioned by a visualisation client involved in animating the day to day operations of the busy environment.

By CEO and co-founder Ro Gupta’s measure, the current market for 3D mapping data falls into three buckets: Good, but not for sale (Google’s 3D mapping data); decent, but expensive, slow to update, and only for sale to auto manufacturers (GPS companies like Tom Tom and Here); and bad and two dimensional, but free (crowdsourced sites like Open Street Map foundation).

Gupta, formerly head of business development at Disqus, and his co-founder Justin Day, a former CTO of Makerbot, saw an opportunity to offer a product that Gupta categorizes as “good, but efficient, affordable, and accessible.”Carmera emerges from stealth mode today with .4 million in funding from Matrix Partners with participation from Resolute Ventures, Notation Capital, Joe Montana, Bre Pettis, Semil Shah and others.

This article first appeared in Term Sheet, Fortune’s newsletter on deals and dealmakers. The biggest problem preventing our self-driving future from becoming a self-driving reality is, naturally, humans.

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