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I didn’t really think about the incident until a week later, when I came across this article by Sophie Wilkinson, who was photographed without her permission, the photograph later posted to a Facebook group called Women Who Eat On Tubes.The more obvious choices would have been sweeping, epic heartbreak on the level of "Over You" or the one where she just burns shit to the ground — amassing NRA-boner-generating amounts of gunpowder and lead to exact a spectacularly explosive revenge on the root cause of her suffering. "Another vice," she shrugs, her worldly temptations sounding more like inevitable household chores than harmful transgressions.As a portion of Lambert's work has done for years now, "Vice" challenges that notion of dignified behavior (as defined by men, no doubt) for a woman emerging from the wreckage of a relationship.It turns out this Facebook group has received quite a bit of attention lately, much of it focusing on the tangled relationship between gender, the “male gaze” and issues around eating and self-image.These are all valid angles to take (the whole area is loaded with misogynistic implications), but the issue need not have anything to do with gender.The don’ts advice was much more specific, giving information about everything from vomiting (a 0 “puke charge”) to drug use to throwing beer kegs off buildings to, well, proper fornication between employees (and sometimes, apparently, more than one).

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