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, a woman appears, announces she is tired, and leaves.

Quite who she was or where she was going I had little idea; all I knew was that her dress sported some darling lace brocade and her hair was delightfully chignoned.

The Chicago Cubs are celebrating a famous World Series triumph after 108 years of hurt, having beaten the Cleveland Indians to win Major League Baseball’s showcase trophy, but one fan saw the victory coming 23 years ago.

Michael Lee, a student at a school in Mission Viejo, California, back in the 1990s, chose his yearbook message to predict that the Cubs would win the World Series in 2016.

*mom walks into my room* -look at my yearbook from '93 #...

This dude called the cubs winning the series in 2016 for his senior quote.

Baseball, as we so often note around here, is unpredictable. You can be the best team in the land for six months but a few bad days can end your season once October hits.

A Twitter user by the name of Thomas j Dale posted a picture on social media last week to claim his mother had shown him her yearbook from 1993, in which Mr Lee makes the prediction."I can't see the English wanting to drop the class system any time soon; it's woven into their character," says one Yank, seemingly summing up the Fellowesian doctrine of televisual entertainment.The idea of this mini-series is that the boat sinks in every episode, and we see it from different perspectives each week, adding intrigue along the way.Since the beginning of the wild card era, only five times has the team with the game’s best record gone on to win the World Series: The 19 Yankees, the 20 Red Sox and the 2016 Cubs. At the moment, the Los Angeles Dodgers have baseball’s best record.They’re 71-31 and sit 12 games up in their division. The above examples notwithstanding, if you had to make a prediction as to who might win the World Series, it would not be unreasonable to pick the WFIziy — Thomas j Dale (@tommydale33) October 25, 2016After Mr Dale posted the picture, a Reddit user by the name of number1makeitso claimed they had found four other copies of the same yearbook and uploaded pictures of Mr Lee’s prediction onto Imgur as evidence. Neither was social media, but one of Mr Lee’s classmates spoke to WGN TV to confirm the story and admit he had spoken with him in 2009 when they reconnected on Facebook to bring up the possibility of his prediction coming true.

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