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Introduction I didn’t intend to write this post, but when I decided to use my old Dell Latitude D620 laptop again running Microsoft Vista Business 32bit, I quickly ran into problems trying to update the operating system.

Without the debugger, you are limited to uninstalling/updating/rolling back the driver that contains the driver file the Blue Screen mentions.

This stop code indicates a driver tried to access a certain area of memory when it should not have, meaning there is a flaw in the driver itself.

The goal of your troubleshooting is to find that driver and either disable or replace it.

Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability.

Six years is a long time to make people wait, no matter how great the replacement. A decade later, Microsoft's finally pulling the plug on support tomorrow.

Change DNS server settings It is highly suggested that you keep your device drivers up-to-date, just to avoid any unwanted errors in your PC.

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