Willem dafoe madonna dating

After a bout of strenuous sex involving bondage and nipple clamps, he winds up dead from a cardiac arrest, leaving district attorney Joe Mantegna to bring in Madonna for her lover's murder, claiming she, er, fornicated him to death - "she's the murder weapon" - aided by a dash of cocaine in his nasal spray, for the million she's set to inherit in his will.

With defence lawyer Willem Dafoe on her case, what follows is a courtroom drama of mounting tedium interspersed by scenes of Madonna pouring hot candle wax over Dafoe's chest and genitalia, and masturbating with Enya-like musak twinkling away in the background.

The movie stars Madonna, who after "Bloodhounds of Broadway," "Shanghai Surprise" and "Who's That Girl?

" now nails down her title as the queen of movies that were bad ideas right from the beginning.

“Body of Evidence” centers on an archaeologist and a U. attorney find themselves on a globe-spanning chase full of political intrigue and legal drama.

“We see, in this extraordinary novel, an entertaining, wild ride of passion and courage,” Kjenaas said.

The main problem here, however, is that whereas Basic Instinct - which this tries so desperately to emulate - had a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour (you always felt director Paul Verhoeven's tongue was well embedded in his cheek), Body Of Evidence takes itself far too seriously, its actors spouting Brad Mirman's stilted dialogue with the stony-faced sincerity of people wishing they were somewhere else altogether.

Punished for being honest, punished for talking about sex.

As she prepares for the release of her new album this month, she invited us to her home in Miami to make her response clear: “I’m not sorry.” “I have been forced to live a false life, and all the people I know, with the exception of a handful, have been affected by my being famous.

An erotic thriller that's strangely unerotic and devoid of thrills, this is, however, mercifully short at 100 minutes.

Nancy Cartwright’s Spotted Cow Entertainment has acquired worldwide motion picture and television rights to Rachel Grant’s thriller novel “Body of Evidence.” The film will be produced by Cartwright, alongside fellow Spotted Cow executives Peter Kjenaas and Monica Gil, and is currently out to writers to adapt. Cartwright, best known as the voice of Bart Simpson on “The Simpsons,” launched Spotted Cow as a film/television finance and production company at Berlin.

The company is also producing the one-woman stage show “24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub.” Grant is repped by Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein at Mc Intosh & Otis, Inc.

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