Who was taylor swift dating before conor kennedy


Swift, who appears to be in the throes of a newly-blooming romance, reportedly even rented a house on the property.

But this isn’t the first time she’s been seen rubbing elbows with the Kennedys at their home.

They're fine." Swift has had a number of high-profile relationships with some well-known musicians and actors, including John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Cory Monteith and Joe Jonas. We collected your responses and put together a gallery of your top choices!

Rumors abounded earlier this summer that Swift singer was casually dating Arnold’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger, also the son of Maria Shriver, who is a part of the Kennedy family.

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(Swift was previously linked to Conor's cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger after she was photographed hanging with the model with the Kennedys on July 4.) It has been a tragic, tumultuous time for young Conor, whose troubled mom Mary Kennedy hung herself in the family's estate in Bedford, New York in May.

She was there during the July 4th holiday, which is when rumors bloomed about her interest in Patrick Schwarzenegger.

After her rash of high-profile heartbreaks, could Conor Kennedy be just what the doctor ordered for Taylor Swift?

Selena pounced on The Bieb when he was only 17, and she’s more than two years older than The Bieb.

The difference between a 17 year old boy and a 19-year-old girl is big enough. I would feel the same way if the genders were reversed too, and a 22-year-old boy-man was going after a 17-year-old girl.

"Kennedy and I fell back onto the snow bank on the south side of (Hyman Avenue) where Kennedy attempted to pull away from me and stand up," the officer wrote in his report.

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