Who was lamar odom dating before khloe reality dating show casting


As Kardashian begins to sit front and center at Lakers games, she starts getting a taste of the superstar athlete’s lifestyle, as Odom is at the height of his NBA career.

As Kardashian's star rises, the now 31-year-old stresses that she makes her own living separate from her NBA player husband.

In fact, Lamar has cut ties with all of the Kardashians, even Khloe’s brother, Rob, who at one point was extremely close with Lamar.

Lamar elected to end the interview on a positive note, however, with Lamar describing Khloe as a “beautiful person, inside and out”.

Good for them.'Lamar described Khloe as a 'beautiful person, inside and out.'The former basketball player is dad to two kids with ex Liza Morales: Destiny, 18, and Lamar Jr., 14.

Lamar also spoke about his strained relationship with Khloe's brother Rob Kardashian during his interview with Wendy.

During a sit-down with Wendy Williams aired on Wednesday, the daytime talk show host broached the subject, asking, "If she came back into your life right now..."However, he cut the question off there with an unwavering "no.""I say that with no offense to her—that would be the best for both of us you, know what I'm saying? "We have to keep our distance."Since staying by his side while he was hospitalized in a coma and seeing him through recovery, Kardashian has since found love with NBA player Tristan Thompson—and their relationship has not gone unnoticed by Odom. "Good for them." She's also shed some weight since they were married, but he quipped, "She's always been beautiful to me."The conversation soon turned to the rest of the Kardashian family members, including Khloe's younger brother, Rob Kardashian, who was notably close with Lamar before their breakup. "He has a child—I haven't met his child yet or anything," Odom noted.

As for why they haven't spoken, he mused, "I guess it's maybe because I hurt his sister too much.""I would have a problem with me too…I mean if she was my sister," he continued.

Audio from the 911 call alleges that the former NBA player had cocaine and “enhancement” supplements in his system.

When asked about her current relationship with Cleveland Cavalier’s basketball player, Tristan Thompson, Lamar simply wished her luck in their relationship, before adding, “They seem happy together.

Good for them.” Check back with CDL for more Lamar Odom news and updates.

The former NBA star also stated that he would never want to reconcile with Khloe, though he was sure to add that he means, “no offense to her”, before adding, “That would be the best for both of us–to keep our distance.” The fact that Lamar has no desire to ever reconnect with Khloe is probably a huge relief for the former basketball player’s family.

Both Lamar’s father and his daughter have blasted Khloe in the past, with Lamar’s daughter calling Khloe and Lamar’s relationship “toxic”.

Khloe Kardashian told Lamar Odom she needed to end their marriage once and for all ...

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