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In 2005, Rice participated as a contestant on the second season of the Bravo reality show Project Runway, producing mixed results on the show.

He won two challenges and was among the top three designs three more times.

You don't hang out with her or anything." In hindsight, though, Katya -- pronounced "Kah-Tee-Yah," not "Kotcha," which she quickly corrected upon our meeting -- has a better understanding of the superstar.

For future contestants, she has clear-cut suggestions for interacting with the legend.

It is great that they are representing for who they are.

While audiences love her sassy wit and incredible runway looks, the show's judges don't seem entirely sold.

She describes Michelle Visage as "particularly harsh." "She's judge, who also happens to be Ru Paul's BFF.

Since the departure of Santino Rice from the panel of judges, Katya says Visage has become even more difficult to please.

The results were mixed, and for the most part, the contestants just seemed deeply uninspired.

In fact, the queens seemed to struggle so much with the judges' characterizations that it makes me worry about next week’s Snatch Game.

However, Rice was among the bottom two scores for four challenges.

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