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In the opening arguments for their divorce proceedings Deion Sanders' estranged wife Pilar maintained Deion getting caught with an 18-year-old girl was at the root of their divorce [click here if you missed that].

Well according to the streets it was Pilar's cheating that set everything off...

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A source close to Pilar Sanders has confirmed to Rumor Fix that the model/actress, who's currently in the midst of a bitter divorce from sports legend Deion Sanders, is dating Bryan "Birdman" Williams.That’s exactly why insiders say Pilar took to social media and press outlets to paint a picture of being betrayed by Deion, while covering up her own dirty doings. With the divorce with her ex-husband and separation from kids as the full custody of them was given to her ex-husband, she must be looking for a new ray of hope in her life. Rumors flared when Pilar Sanders and Odell Beckham Jr.Last year, a judge ruled in favor of Deion in a defamation lawsuit, in which Pilar claimed she was a victim of domestic violence.The ruling offset any money Pilar would have receieved in their divorce settlement.Tracey is the ex-wife of singer/super-producer, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, with whom she also has two kids with. Wishing the lovebird couple a lifetime of happy couple bliss. For the record, I wanna keep this thing fair and state that I actually think Stacey is an intelligent, smart…well, a book ?

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