Who is mayor antonio villaraigosa dating

At 15, he left his job at a Safeway grocery store to join a picket line supporting the United Farm Workers, who were leading a boycott against the growers of table grapes in California.Although he knew little of their cause at the time, he identified with the farm workers and their struggle.

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In Thursday's summer of love installment, inquiring minds wondered if taxpayers have ever footed the bill for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's dalliances with Telemundo news anchor/reporter Mirthala Salinas. The revelation comes a month after he announced he was separating from his wife. Actor Tom Hanks had a great line in the movie "A League of Their Own." Playing the crusty manager of a women's baseball team, he berates one member into tears and shouts: "There's no crying!There's no crying in baseball." That came to mind when I read last week that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa... on Tuesday, Jaime Regalado was fielding a steady stream of e-mails, almost all of them from women who've had it with the Don Juan who calls himself our mayor.He ran for mayor in 2001 against Los Angeles City Attorney James Hahn, but lost in the second round of voting.He was elected to the Los Angeles City Council in 2003.(Corbis)The man who would become the 41st Mayor of Los Angeles was born Antonio Ramon Villar, Jr.

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