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Later she went on to release another album in 1984 titled Te Prometo, and Con tan pocos años.Mexican telenovela actress and singer Lucero finds herself today in a pretty sticky situation.Lucero’s career began in 1980 when she was the tender age of 10.She was offered by Televisa to appear in a juvenile theme program titled Alegrías De Mediodía.Tipped off by the publication, Lucero released a statement the night before the photos became public."I am very hurt and I find it incredible that they stole photos of my personal life for publication," she said.Lucero has sold more than 22 million records worldwide and is recognized in Latin America and Mexico as "La Novia de America".At the age of 13, Lucero gained her first regular high-profile job in a popular children's show in Mexico City called Alegrias de Mediodia in 1982.

; born 29 August 1969 in Mexico City, Mexico), known as Lucero, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress and television host.

She is a multi-platinum singer in Mexico, and has sung in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

She is the daughter of Lucero León and Antonio Hogaza and has one brother, Antonio.

Shocking photos of the singer were recently leaked by a Mexican tabloid and it's upset more than just one person. Lucero might find herself losing even more job offers after those photos of her hunting, complete with huge rifle and dead animals, were leaked.

Pantene decided to drop her as a spokesperson for one of their shampoo ads, and she might not even be able to perform at the Viña Del Mar Festival in Chile! And what's even more messed up is that some of the images were actually altered to look like she had red blood on her face, so she says.

Her image is clean and tries to stay out of scandals, but a recent photo leak has shocked the industry and entertainment enthusiasts that have painted Lucero in a negative light.

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