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All finished with a housemade chocolate pinata smashed directly on your table?Plenty disagree, but to my mind, Noroeste when it opened was bold and imaginative and unlike anything else in the city.

And the new song sounds about as ridiculous as that concept does.In film, he is best known for his role in Step Up (2006) as the boyfriend of Jenna Dewan's character.He later played main roles in the horror films Fingerprints (2006), and April Fool's Day (2008), as well as in the romantic comedy, The Jerk Theory (2009).It also butted heads with the neighborhood's prevailing culture of quick-tasty lunches, friendly prices, and accessible happy hours, not to mention expectations that a taco bar means nachos and margs and tacos in baskets of three rather than two-person menu sets.So Henderson pivoted: "We want to tap into the market that's there, give them something they really want, and at the same time do something we're proud of." In other words, he's opening a ramen shop, complete with - bowls, fast lunchtime service, ample potential for delivery, and a bangup happy hour full of okonomiyaki, fried rice, and kimchi arancini.I almost find it very attractive when a woman has no idea who I am." Because it's all about that chase, right? Next time you see him on Sunset Blvd, don't let on that you know he's a television star.

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