Who is hayley williams dating 2016


The record will be the group’s fifth album since forming in 2004.

In December of last year, bassist Jeremy Davis announced that he had left the band, with Williams and guitarist Taylor York outlining their intentions to continue as a two-piece.

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Williams told fans via Twitter that Paramore are “writing” the album currently.

The bride and groom are seen exchanging vows in front of about 50 people inside the theater.

They were also photographed dancing indoors, kissing and looking very much in love.

'There is a challenge to trying to understand your own heart in the context of a relationship..there is goodness in considering another heart, even in spite of your own.'Marriage is not for the faint of heart. And it's up to each of us to stay hopeful even when the outcome isn't what we'd originally hoped for.

'We want to publicly state - plainly, and only this time - that we are splitting up.

B, and a verse from fellow American rapper Eminem, while Williams's vocals remain the same.

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