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Yet somehow she has managed to remain a pillar of Genoa City society.

PHOTOS: Top Celebrity Sex Scandals “Production assistants are constantly placing Eric’s lines on props that he can read during filming.There is no other actor on the show that does this…gets away with it because of who he is.Michael thought it was insulting not to just the scenes they filmed together, but to the entire show.Since his dismissal, allegations of sexual harassment, behind-the-scenes bullying and on-set fighting with Setting the record straight: The Young And The Restless star Eric Braedan (seen here at the Monte Carlos TV Fest last June) talks about the shouting matches and in-fighting on the set with fired actor Michael Muhney In an interview with Radar Online, the veteran entertainer claims that Muhney attempted to stage a coup to get the Emmy winner kicked off the long-running daytime series.The battle led to on-set fighting matches between the two actors.She shared with us her favorite, wildest, most trashtastic Nikki moments and we have clips to go with them that you won't believe! TV Guide Magazine: Why is Nikki still so damn fascinating after all these years?

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