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Everyone does.' But I want to be perfect.'' Howard also discussed his "reduced role" with the Rockets and questioning management about why he was on the team. "I didn't want to turn on the TV and see people say, 'Dwight is taking all those outside shots, he's screwing around, he doesn't care, he doesn't want to win.' So that's the war I'll be having in my head. I have a sports psychologist I used in Houston and I have one in Minnesota.If my spiritual and mental game is right, the physical part will follow.'' Howard ironically shot a career-high 62 percent from the field this season, up from 59 percent in 2015. Even tho we did not reach our goal this year you guys stuck with us and for that I deeply appreciate you.His point average was the lowest since he averaged 12.0 as a rookie in 2004–05.Howard is among the top centers in free agency this off-season, along with Al Horford and Hassan Whiteside.

There is at least one team likely out of the running for Dwight Howard.The trade led to a bit of celebration in Orlando, at least from “Dwight Howard is the most self-absorbed and least introspective athlete I’ve ever seen.UPDATE: Dwight Howard actually ended up suing Royce Reed for .2 million, 0 for every time that remarks that Royce made, termed “Dwight Bashing”, were viewed online.One by one, Dwight Howard has made peace with his pack of baby mamas. Reed also accused Howard of child abuse two years ago.Hope Alexa and Royce Reed have both Instagram how they are on good terms with the Houston Rocket. TMZ reports that they have reopened communication for the best interest of their eight-year-old son. Reed has said that their son is terrified of Howard.Howard is highly religious as evidenced by many interviews and quotes.

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