Who is dating who in twilight


That next morning, Gryph got up early and flew towards Twilight’s castle just outside of Ponyville to meet her. The mysterious pony turned around and revealed their face.“AGH! Ehehe…” Gryph said, surprised.“Hey Gryph.” said Flash, rather nonchalantly.“You…um…you’re staying in Twilight’s castle, that’s right.

He was nervous about what he saw last night and hoped he could have things cleared up if he talked to Twilight. I guess that’s why I saw you two walking together last night…”Gryph and Flash exchanged glances at one another for a few moments until Gryph’s face looked more and more suspicious.

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He spoke to him in a mocking voice, but Gryph didn’t flinch.“Hehe, please, spare me the flattery, royal officer.” Gryph said, walking by Flash and patting him on the back with his wing. ”“Hey now, I was honorably discharged but I was going to be a SEAL. ”Suddenly the door opened slowly halfway, and Gryph looked inside but there was no one behind the door.“Hello? Gryph could not make them out from the sunlight that was peering in through the windows and changing the colors of the pony but saw that it had wings and without thinking, he suspected it was Twilight.“Ah, Twilight, there you are. He then saw the silhouette of a pony in front of a stained-glass window in the hallway.He began to smile to show some respect to Flash for he didn’t want to get in a fight.“Alright Flash.I think we both know what’s going on here.” Gryph told Flash."Considering I had so many eyes on me, I suddenly realized [my private life] affects a greater number of people than just me," she explains.

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