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SOUTHAMPTON’S home-grown star Craig David delivered a sensational show at the BIC on his first major arena tour in 16 years proving beyond doubt he is back with a vengeance!

Of course Southampton had a taste of this when he headlined Common People last summer but this full blown two hour concert was another class and proved the most exciting South Coast prelude to his Ageas Bowl epic this August.

His garage version of one of 2015's most played songs was perfect, culminating in that MCing part at the end - of which we have attempted a lot.

Who doesn't love it when someone works doubly hard to win them over?

‘I don’t want people to take life too seriously, because I’ve realised that it’s not to be taken seriously.’ Being turned into a puppet will do that to a person. ’ that kids chanted in playgrounds, referring to his platinum-selling hit ‘Re-Rewind’ — and the show’s title. ’ I offer to take a picture of them, arm in awkward arm. ‘You must get this all the time.’ ‘It’s all good, my man!

Quite why the comedian Leigh Francis (as Avid Merrion) decided to target David so relentlessly is unclear, but once Francis had made a mockery of him, it must have felt as though the world had followed suit. There’s absolutely no worries, it’s absolutely cool,’ says David.

CRAIG DAVID: “I was checking this girl next door, when her parents went out”Not a good start for Craig, to be honest.

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It’s to be understood that the young woman’s parents left, she immediately changed into a black lace dress and grabbed a bottle of wine and called her neighbor.

Thrilled by the rapturous welcome the 35-year-old recalled being 18 and doing short DJing sets at Bournemouth’s Cage and Zoo nightclub and, always humble, he thanked everyone for being there all these years later.

The evening was all the more special as his parents were sat in the audience too, he said.

But the headlining act at the MTV Brand New gig, presented by Emporio Armani Diamonds, wasn't Justin Bieber, One Direction or any other of the traditional big crowd-pleasers.

The man who had managed to draw such chaos was Craig David, whose revived popularity is becoming unarguable.

Even if you didn't like him, he was always in the background with songs so catchy you couldn't help but know the words.

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