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According to Loud Executive Vice President DJ Vlad, however, the news is only allegations being thrown out and he is not gay and will not appear on E! Reports have stated that he is currently residing in a “gay section” of New York.Roth officially declared his sexual preference in a novel that was created by Terrance Dean, who formerly is an MTV executive.“No worrying about the marketplace or any trying to get into the head of the consumer that the business tries to do.Just really concentrating on making dope music that I like and that my friends like, and that’s it.”After being mostly absent from the rap scene for five years, Roth says he is very excited to complete his long transition and finally release a new album. helped him grow up, and gave his album fresh feeling of renewal.“It’s different, man,” Roth says. It’s just me being who I am, very freedom-oriented. I’m really excited to share this with the world, kind of let them know who I am.”The album was made in a very laid-back manner."It was the way it was supposed to be, man," Roth says.He has released four mixtapes and stresses that there was never a lull in his creativity.“I don’t think that five years stepped away hurt,” Roth says. It allowed me to kind of step away and grow without feeling those pressures.”Roth says that "Retro Hash," produced by the Blended Babies, is evidence of his maturation. "No sitting around, A&Rs checking me saying, 'You need to do this, you need to do that.' It was literally hanging out in the living room, recording vocals in the living room."The album got its name, which is an anagram for Asher Roth, after his girlfriend emailed him a list of anagrams as a joke.“It was just one of those things that was meant to be,” says Roth.

Asher Roth will stand as the first major Hip Hop artist to ever admit that he is gay.Barker has also performed as a frequent collaborator with hip hop artists, is a member of the rap rock group the Transplants, founded the rock bands 44 and Box Car Racer, and most recently joined Antemasque and Goldfinger.He was a frequent collaborator with the late DJ AM, and together they formed TRV$DJAM.In the book titled there were no actual names mentioned as to who in the Rap industry was gay, but Roth decided to reveal the news to the world on his own.Dean was actually happy that the rapper was able to step up to the plate and admit that he was one of the gay rappers as he preferred him coming out openly as opposed to Dean having to reveal the names that he spoke of in the novel.Due to his fame, Rolling Stone referred to him as "punk's first superstar drummer." Barker, born in Fontana, California, began drumming at an early age.

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