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this is the story of our wedding, the “official one,” and what led up to it. i started compiling this blog in the weeks after our marriage and found – like many of my blogs – that the longer i left it unposted, the more cumbersome it became. but a little background: he’d been asking me to marry him for months; it was a running joke at that point.because my life is structured the way it was, blogging about my wedding seemed to “legitimate” it more than a piece of paper from the city hall in san francisco. but we agreed that it was quite possible i was still drunk. he had the habit of turning to me a few times a day and saying, very non-nonchalantly: will you marry me? but we both think i’d probably really decided on Yes.i found myself confronted, as people pestered me with constant “WHERE’S THE WEDDING BLOG” emails and twitters, with my puzzlement about why it was so hard to post. and i’d come up with different creative versions of No. well before i was drunk on new year’s eve, while i was putting on my costume backstage at symphony hall in boston.i think it’s because: a) i didn’t want to become my own one-woman self-published tabloid. neil loves telling this story, and i always get embarrassed when he tells it. so i’ll tell it and maybe it’ll be less embarrassing forever. i was a bundle of pre-rachmaninoff nerves and twittering (the old school way.With an initial goal of 0,000, the project is nearing a million dollars from almost 20,000 contributors.Despite our story that Palmer had showed up to pay homage to Bornstein — whose book is largely about how she managed to escape from a life in Scientology — there’s been some chatter on the Internet about Palmer, her husband Neil Gaiman, their connections to Scientology, and whether her Kickstarter project was somehow connected to, or would in some way fund, the controversial church.back in 2003 when the dresden dolls built a proper website, i even made sure our designer put in a section called “hate mail”. : was even, back in the heyday of livejournal, an entire community was dedicated to hating my band.

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Palmer posted the image to her blog on May 23, but I just ran across it yesterday while perusing a lengthy thread at Why We which has been raging for weeks, debating the connections between Scientology and the married couple, Gaiman and Palmer, who are attacked rather viciously as artistic hacks and dupes to the church, funding it with huge donations.

first off: neither neil nor were strangers to haters when we met each other.

from the first outing of the dresden dolls in 2000 (my first band, which was just me and one other guy) in boston, i was confronted with the amazing phenomenon that is People Who Love To Spend Their Time Hating & Criticizing Artists. that site is still up, and the hate mail section lives on!!!

Perhaps it’s the purest representation of the principle she put forth in her TED talk and book,: an artist working as a direct result of support from her audience.

Even after making her name as the lead singer and songwriter of the Dresden Dolls and Evelyn Evelyn, the most famous duo she’s a part of might be her marriage with Neil Gaiman.

A few weeks ago, we noted that Amanda Palmer — the musician who performs as a solo act and as one half of the Dresden Dolls and Evelyn Evelyn — made a rather dramatic appearance at Kate Bornstein‘s book party, held at Dixon Place.

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