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The Highpoint-Rendel report in 2002 concluded that the main Whitby Piers had a residual life of less than 10 years.

Since that date, the consequences of a breach or collapse of the Piers have worried the townsfolk of Whitby. Plant told the Yorkshire Post in 2014 “.” Despite SBC being at all times fully aware of the severe risks involved, no significant repairs have been carried out to the Piers over the past 15 years – with the exception of the emergency repairs to the landward end of the East Pier Extension which was on the verge of imminent collapse. Approved March 2017) The £4.8 million grant from the Environment Agency was awarded for repair works to start in April 2015 and be finished by May 2017. 2012, stated that it was not possible to delay the works on the Main Piers beyond this timescale.

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Would you please confirm that the SBC Risk Assessments for the Whitby Piers Refurbishment project will henceforth include the risks resulting from SBC not meeting its duties as the Statutory Harbour Authority?

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Rievaulx Abbey had had its own ironworks in the early 1500s – and there were also attempts to mine ironstone in Bilsdale, Bransdale, Rosedale and Fryup Dale in the 1600s.

But it was the Victorians, with their insatiable hunger for iron, who took things to a different level. In 1850 mining began near Eston, in what is today East Cleveland.

The risks posed by the repeated postponements of the renovation works raise such a level of concern that we consider the people of Whitby have the right to be made fully aware of the current situation. 2015) April 2018 (Cllr Cockerill interview with Whitby Gazette. The Whitby Coastal Strategy 2, adopted by SBC in 2012, recognised the critical importance of the Whitby Harbour structures to the overall flood and coastal defence system across the wider Strategy frontage, . ) stated that SBC has the ability but not the duty to carry out coastal protection works under the Coastal Protection Act 1949.

Consequently, we advise you that this is an open letter, with copies to the media. However, Whitby Piers are essential Harbour structures as well as Coastal Defence structures.

Filming just outside Whitby at Lythe Village over the past few days, here is famous actor Daniel Day Lewis filming in The Graveyard at Lythe. Filming is expected to continue on The Yorkshire Coast into February with the picturesque village of Staithes next on the list for a visit.

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