Where have all the gumtree dating gone

Retailing at , my barely used baby bouncing contraption was a steal at . I hung around, waited, checked my phone, sent her a message. One Facebook group user recalls sending her husband to collect a toddler walker. The shyster It’s hard to pick a shyster until after you’ve been duped.When she told the seller he was on his way, the seller insisted he wait outside the house until her own husband returned home. When you try to launch your new dinghy, only to have the bottom fall out, for example.

Bieber confused as supper as a model specimen of the same estimate the time since formation of a sample, the age tree.

A seller in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, offered his toothbrush for just 99p, saying: "Selling it due to don't use it it's just a waste of 99p it's been great using it leaves a nice fresh finish to his teeth"[sic].

The user offering the free Sycamore tree claimed: "One lovely tree think it's acorn would make nice garden furniture or a big set of fire wood collection only plus the tree is still up and would need felling this is probably 50 to 60 foot"[sic].

Not only have we given Gumtree a fresh new look, we’ve made it easier for you to search our site. With all the attention we’re putting on improving how you find things in your neighbourhood, we’re not able to focus on bringing you the dedicated service you’ve told us you needed in the Friends & Dating categories.

For this reason, we will no longer be offering our own services in Friends & Dating from 5 January 2010.

Sure, there’s more money exchanged through classifieds sites than online dating. So advanced are their skills of examination, cross-examination and re-examination that it seems a shame to waste them seeking information about the precise fan mechanism and serial number of a heater. The obsessive For the obsessive, the procurement or sale of household goods is secondary to the opportunity Gumtree provides to let them bang on – and on, and on, and on – about their favourite topic. “I got a phone call offering me a job as a ‘massage therapist’ at 0 an hour because I was a single mum.

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