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Se7en made an official comeback in Korea after a 3-year long hiatus on July 31, 2010 with his 1st mini-album "Digital Bounce." The album consisted of 6 songs, including a song from his American debut titled 'Money Can't Buy Me Love'. Se7en began his follow up promotions in October with the song 'I'm Going Crazy' which featured his longtime girlfriend Park Han-byul as the main actress in the music video.

His 2nd track 'Digital Bounce' featured the rapping skills of Big Bang's T. Throughout his comeback, Se7en attended many variety shows and even featured in fellow labelmate 2NE1's hit reality show 2NE1TV, where he described his hardships in America and his hiatus.

It will be Wheesung's comeback in 3 years, and Gummy's comeback in 4 years.

MNET described Se7en as a super rookie who could only stand against Rain, although the two were friends back in their high school years, alongside Boom. On March 10, Se7en's first single "Girls" featuring Lil' Kim was released through digital stores such as i Tunes and Amazon MP3.

He also started practicing with one of the guest singers yesterday.”The agency added, “Gummy, who recently became part of our family, will be performing at the concert as a guest singer.

Both singers have already confirmed their comebacks to be sometime in May, and are currently in the last stages of their preparations.

An official said,"Some of the best vocalists will be gathering together for the show.

In particular, it will be Lee Seung Chul's first variety program so we are very looking forward to it".

Seo Taiji & Boys was formed in 1991 with Seo Taiji, Lee Juno and Yang Hyun-Seok.

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