What does a non validating xml parser do


Saxonica recommends use of the Xerces parser from Apache in preference to the version bundled in the JDK, which is known to have some serious bugs.By default, Saxon invokes the parser in non-validating mode (that is, without requested DTD validation).If schema validation is required it should be requested using the command line options , or their API equivalents.Saxon will then use its own schema processor to validate the document as it emerges from the XML parser.

The Incredible XML Parser also automatically converts between character encodings (e.g.These transformations have an associated performance cost; pugixml optimizes them as much as possible while providing a way to disable them for maximum performance.The task at hand is to make a fast documents with required transformations, is as fast as reasonably possible, and is production ready.object has been created, various attributes of the object can be set to handler functions.When an XML document is then fed to the parser, the handler functions are called for the character data and markup in the XML document.Copyright (c) 2013, Frank Vanden Berghen - All rights reserved.

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