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UPDATE: I would appreciate people to actually read my question and not just glance over it.

I need to know HOW to do the site; even though i appreciate it, i am not looking for opinions on whether or not if the site should be created.

The net gives you the chance to cut into the chase and get the business.

It also allows you to choose from many options advantage.

We offer a complete turnkey dating system that is packed with many of the advanced features required for running a successful online dating and matchmaking service.

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I have an amateur knowledge in creating static sites and for my new dating site venture, i have a feeling that i am going to need more than just a static html site.

Every Interaction.” We began working with Lovestruck back in 2012, helping to update the UI and UX of the desktop experience.

This progressed to designing both the i OS and Android apps. Lovestruck favours the approach of pulling together groups of talented individuals and small teams to help advise and fine tune their service, an approach that seems to have paid off.

Reason why i want to know what goes into dating site is so i know who and what type of programmers to hire.

Thank you in advance for your input Edited by tarzanhunter, 01 March 2013 - PM. Drupal may be a good platform, find a developer who knows Drupal inside out and they should have the programming skills to make it happen.

Whether you are working with a web design firm or you’re a freelance designer, being able to effectively design means that you are enthusiastic about your work.

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