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Born and raised in New York City to a middle-class Jewish family, Ron attended Queens College and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Special Education.Ron eventually took a job as a high school teacher in NYC.Ron is a larger-than-life character and he’s known for his mustache, portly frame, and fun-loving nature and personality.A porn industry icon, Jeremy's audience has always identified with him because of his humble personality and great performances.

But the Internet has radically escalated that exposure - to the point at which many adolescents are addicted.It is estimated that perhaps as much as 10% of the entire world’s population is gay.There are many who do not feel comfortable talking about it openly, or some who fear that they could even be punished for doing so.This program follows the stories of teenage porn addicts as they struggle with the issues that drive their behavior - although not all are open to soul-searching.Darryl, age 17, doesn’t think he has a problem, but 16-year-old Malcolm has recognized his addiction and has begun seeing a therapist.Despite pressure from doctors, the parents chose not to elect medically unnecessary surgeries on their child.

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