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She rode to the woods enjoying fresh warm air, when suddenly her bicycle stumbled over a rope stretched between two larch trees and she fell down to the ground.

She tried to get up, when two masked guys jumped from behind the trees, tied her to her bicycle, ripped her clothes and started shagging her.

In Sex and the City, Carrie mentions in the fourth season that her father walked out on her and her mother when she was five years old. Would Carrie have even become the girl she is in Sex and the City without that defining part of her past?

It is also implied in SATC that Carrie is an only child – she never once mentions a sibling in the series’ six years.

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The White Rabbit suggests that Alice comes with her to 'The Hole' the most popular nightclub in Wonderland.

'Along their way Alice encounters many curious beings including The Catepillar, The Cheshire Cat, The evil Queen and even stumbles into a Mad Hatter's tea party.

She was completely naked and extremely sexy, so Jacob couldn't restrain himself from gazing at her magnificent body and when she noticed him and told him to go away, he dragged her out of the bathtub and banged this wet bitch right on floor.

It was a lovely Sunday morning and Caroline decided to go out for a bike ride.

And yet in The Carrie Diaries, she has both a rebellious little sister and a doting, lawyerly father.

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