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The player can choose three major events per day (morning, noon and evening) over 14 days of game time.

Activities like shopping or casino minigames do not advance the clock.

This is the most talked about part of a beach volleyball partnership.

Generally, it defines a team’s first few tournaments or first season together.

Between play sessions the game remembers the player's bank and collection progress with each character; through this mechanic it is possible for the computer controlled characters to wear fashions purchased by the player in an earlier play session.

The movie is so bad, Kim Jong Un probably uses it to torture dissidents.

The robotic Rodman showed movie audiences what police and NBA fans long knew. Gheorghe Muresan, "My Giant," 1998If you're making an English-language film, it's not a good idea to cast someone in a starring role who can barely speak English.

Oddly enough, the most accomplished athletes-turned-thespians are football players. Simpson's incredible portrayal of an innocent man before an L. But he wasn't much worse than just about every other hoopster who was handed a script. Most barely went to college, much less graduated from Juilliard.

Think Alex Karras, Merlin Olsen, Ed Marinaro, Fred Dryer, Carl Weathers. James' work in "Trainwreck" vaulted him into the NBA acting pantheon. Dennis Rodman, "Double Team," 1997Before Rodman started trying to broker peace deals for North Korea, his handlers thought he could parlay his Superfreak hoops act into an action-star movie career.

Just three seasons after the program was started at UCF, the Knights finished 55-0 on the season, collecting wins over Florida, Florida State and USF during the regular season.

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