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Details of the hack were first reported by data breach monitoring site Leaked Source last week, after confirming it had obtained a data set containing 100,544,934 records.Danielle is a Junior Reporter at Global Dating Insights.Long story short, it's a shitshow." Pheed is very simple and user friendly. VK was founded in 2006 by Pavel Durov, just over two years after Facebook’s launch.It has 350.000 unique visitors the first days after launch and more than 1.000.000 now. Its fist bane was (means something like "keep in touch" or "in contact").He's had run-ins with armed gangs, the Kremlin, and once threw paper planes made of money out of his office window.

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On February 19th, 2013, Pheed was ranked the #1 app in the Apple Top Charts social category, above Twitter and Facebook.

The data might not represent the entire picture as mobile versions of the sites below are not included in the stats, but it is still a good representation of the Russian online market ecosystem.

Yandex is Russia’s largest search engines that apart from web search provides a large number of online and mobile services from email, maps and navigation to airplane tickets, real estate listings and platforms for hiring contractors for home jobs and small errands.

Vedomosti also compared average time users spend on the sites.

Not surprisingly, Yandex came out as the leader of the top list with their 31 properties, followed by VK, with their 28 properties, Odnoklassniki, and You Tube.

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