The Dual Sanctuaries on the Balkans and the Confessional Co-existence between Christians and Moslems. “The Danube – “Our” Northern Border” – report, presented at the 6th roundtable: “Water as the Historical Scene for the Alliance of Civilization” of the Regional Process of the 5th World Water Forum, 08-09 November, 2008, Istanbul, TURKEY (co-author S. The Cult of the Saints in the Alevi Villages of Yablanovo (Alvanlar), Malko Selo (Kucukler) and Mogilets (Veletler) in Bulgaria. Uluslararasi Turk Kultur Evreninde Alevlik ve Bektasilik. The Centres of Islamic Mysticism in Rumili in the Relations between Muslims and Christians during the 15th –16th centuries. Walk the cobblestone streets of Rome stopping at the Trevi Fountain.Make sure to stand back to the fountain and throw in a coin to ensure your return to Rome, then stop in a local shop to buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it while sitting on the iconic Spanish Steps to experience the true romance of Rome.The above oil on linen painting is the work of the 19th century French artist Eugène Louis Boudin.


339–353, ISSN 0959-6510 (print), 01/030281-01 (online). Gordon proposed an alternative site for the Tomb of Jesus, the so-called Garden Tomb, located in a tranquil spot outside the wall of Jerusalem’s Old City.è un manga disegnato da Kentaro Yabuki e scritto da Hasemi Saki, serializzato sulla rivista mensile giapponese Jump Square di Shueisha a partire dal 4 ottobre 2010. Historical Accounts about the Halveti Şeyh Bali Efendi of Sofia in a Newly Discovered Vita Dating from the 19–th century. The modern pilgrim, expecting to see the sites of Jesus’ Crucifixion, Entombment and Resurrection, usually comes away from the church in Jerusalem more perplexed than reassured.The rolling hills of Tuscany are home to vineyards producing some of the world’s most sought-after Italian wines.

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