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Most companies plan an end-of-year or holiday party, but don't be afraid to throw in other un-holidays to liven up the seasons.Office parties are a great way to boost team spirit and create unity during special seasons of the year. Maybe they grew up next door to each other or maybe their parents arranged the whole thing. Maybe they met in an algebra class or a Jewish youth group.This blond-haired, green-eyed clone—the tinkerings of a hobbyist—was made from silicon, plastic, and circuit boards rather than flesh and blood.Though she wasn’t outfitted with artificial intelligence, the soft construction of her face and slight gape of her pouty pink lips are so nearly real that a world populated by -like robots doesn’t feel far off.Lunt Solar Systems will be providing high resolution and stunning imagery of the eclipse in three different wavelengths of light: Hydrogen-Alpha, Calcium-K, and white light.Oh by the way, you will experience a scientific balloon launch from inside Saluki Stadium, observe several science demonstrations, learn how you can become a citizen scientist, and engage with subject matter experts through social media.

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If you've been looking for some fresh ideas for your company celebration, this list will get your creative juices flowing.

Even more remarkable than the speed with which such services became mainstream is our willingness to fess up: Maybe it wasn’t so much a meet cute as it was a photo swipe while sitting on the john. Online dating will be a billion industry in 2016, according to market research firm Ibisworld.

And the rise of the smartphone is only going to increase that adoption. How did matchmaker services make the transition from embarrassing, mullet-wearing, VHS tape services to the thing we do while waiting in line at Trader Joe’s?

After all, you must have heard of Hatoful Boyfriend by now, which technically falls into the “female-oriented dating sim” category.

(Only with a bit more pigeons than usual.) Let’s take a look at just a couple of the many romance apps being shown at Tokyo Game Show this year! There was even an interactive event with cute guys playing roles inspired by the game!

No doubt, dating in 2017 will not be materially different from what it was like in 2016—a year tends not to make a lot of difference—but we can certainly glean a picture of what sex and love will look like in the not-so-distant future and beyond., is set in an enormous Dionysian amusement park in which humans indulge their sexual and emotional fantasies with lifelike robots.

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