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OFC all these is about newer Kelly Redux version not the one above.

As per usual, I started losing interest in creating and now I have swung into gaming mode, where all I want to do is enjoy other people’s games.At some point in the future, I will get tired of playing and want more creative control, and will suddenly want to create again. So to answer everyone’s question, I have no idea when the next game will be out, or when the android versions with the new graphics will be out.The Android Copyright Problem The biggest complaint is that people can’t download the android version directly to their android devices.If it detects an apk file being downloaded by an Android device, it kills the download, hence the reason you can’t download the game directly.I tried using a Google file server, but they stopped it in other ways. This is our greatest strength: We are good at stuff and know stuff.Got two differnt endings so far, going to try for more.

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