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From his fourth-floor office a stone's throw from the giant Cotton Tree, which dates back to the founding of Freetown in 1792, Herbert M'cleod, one of Sierra Leone's leading economists, sets out his prognosis: "It is bad policies and bad management that have brought us here [...]. Two of the biggest mining companies in Sierra Leone went out of business last year and a third is at a standstill as thousands of workers were laid off.Mineral: Chalcopyrite Mineral Origin: Bingham Canyon, UTPrimary Commodity: Copper Primary Commodity Uses: Copper is used primarily in electronics, mostly in building construction and industrial electronics.Mineral: Graphite (C) in pegmatite rock Mineral Origin: Ticonderoga, NYPrimary Mineral Commodity: Graphite Mineral Commodity Uses: brake linings, foundry operations, heat-resistant lubricants, refractory applications, and steelmaking Mineral: Rutile Primary Commodity: Titanium Primary Commodity Uses: The vast majority of titanium is used in whiteners in the form of titanium oxide.

A sapphire with no inclusions is often viewed with suspicion; it may be a synthetic stone or a glass imitation.85% of lead in the US is used for lead-acid batteries, which are used in automobiles, as industrial-type batteries for standby power for computer and telecommunications networks, and for motive power. Mineral: Molybdenite Mineral Origin: Henderson Mine, Empire, COPrimary Mineral Commodity: Molybdenum Mineral Commodity Uses: In the late 19th century, French metallurgists discovered that molybdenum, when alloyed (mixed) with steel in small quantities, creates a substance that is remarkably tougher than steel alone and is highly resistant to heat.The alloy was found to be ideal for making tools and armor plate. The mining sector cannot be left on autopilot [...]. The way out is to link the mining business with the wider society, with jobs, training, electricity, roads.Inclusions typically found in sapphires include the following items: Cavities – voids or holes that extend from the surface of a gemstone into its interior.

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