Verizon updating 5 4 blackberry updating map on magellan 1200 roadmate


leather, soft touch, carbon fiber, metal) than the Curve (plastic, glossy), and has higher specifications.There are two basic form factors with the Bold line: the original larger size on the 90 Series and the "baby bold" form factor the other models have.The April security update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has finally arrived for Verizon subscribers.The mobile carrier has described this software update to fix existing issues and apply the newest security patches.In 2009 the form factor was shrunk with the 9700 and the Tour 9630.

It's also now easier to write emails with name suggestions from the contact app.

Black Berry Priv owners who purchased their phones through major carrier Verizon will be happy to know that the Big Red has finally kicked off the rollout of Android Marshmallow update.

We reported last week that some Priv owners have already started to receive the update, but since Verizon did not confirm it we weren't sure if it will be available for everyone.

The keyboard is a feature that some may consider a little redundant, but it seems to have caught on with Black Berry fans who want a more modern phone with QWERTY keys.

Some, however, suggest that the keyboard on the Priv isn’t as well built as physical keyboards on previous Black Berry phones, which may somewhat negate the advantages of having the physical keyboard in the first place.

One of the most critical vulnerabilities was patched up with this update, where exploiting a security loophole would allow remote code execution on an affected device via a variety of methods like email, web browsing, and MMS when processing media files.

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