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” asks Hannibal Buress into an overdriven microphone at p.m. Buress is in town for the roast of Justin Bieber, and he’s at the Pleasure Chest to rehearse his set for a small but enthusiastic audience that's doing its best to ignore the commercial for stainless-steel G-spotters playing on a TV to Buress’s right.

He’s standing in front of a wall of crotchless panties, and next to a black curtain that divides the part of the West Hollywood sex-toy shop where a customer is examining Fleshlights from the part where the bi-weekly comedy show Performance Anxiety is taking place.

Check back every week for updates, or create an account with TV Weekly Now and subscribe to these updates by email. Musical guest Lindsey Stirling Tuesday, August 29 1. After both sets, Buress, as many comedians do at midnight on Tuesdays, came to the Belly Room at the Comedy Store to watch a show called Roast Battle. Looking around the room — to Buress's left is Jeff Ross, the stand-up veteran who mentors this small show; behind Buress is Jerrod Carmichael, the young comedian with a Spike Lee–directed HBO special under his belt; to Buress's right is Dave Chappelle, smoking cigarettes and laughing loudly at every joke; further back, the standing-room-only crowd is spilling into the hallway — one can’t help but feel that this is the epicenter of a boom. There has never been a better time to be a comedian: The talent pool is broad, deep, and more diverse than ever before; a new generation of passionate fans is supporting experimental work; and there are countless ways (online, onscreen, in your earbuds, at live shows) for new voices to be heard and — not always a given when it comes to the internet — make a living.It’s a peak that hasn’t been seen since the first comedy boom, which lasted from 1979 to about 1995, and was defined by two stages: First, in the wake of the phenomenon that was Saturday Night Live, the popularity of George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Steve Martin, and the debut of TV shows like An Evening at the Improv, hundreds of comedy clubs opened up overnight, resulting in a wave of frequently terrible observational comedians getting paid a lot of money to fill the bounty of open stages.Monday, August 28: Actor Seth Rogen; actor Will Arnett; actress Alison Brie Tuesday, August 29: Actor Dominic Cooper; actress Laura Haddock; athletes from the Nitro World Games Wednesday, August 30: Actress Ginnifer Goodwin; actor Eddie Izzard; actress Jillian Bell; musical performance by Jason Derulo Thursday, August 31: Actor John Boyega; actor Jeffrey Tambor; musical performance by Rag’n’Bone Man Friday, September 1: Actor Fred Armisen; actor Tituss Burgess; director Edgar Wright; musical performance by Gavin De Graw Monday, August 28: Guest Rob Lowe and musical guest Brad Paisley. Tuesday, August 29: Guests John Krasinski, Melissa Leo and Congressman Adam Schiff. The sex-toy shop was the second place in two hours where I saw Buress, whose upcoming Comedy Central show had just been announced that morning.

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