Validating rss

When you use Thunderbird to handle your feeds, you can use the same presentation and tools (archiving, filters, search, etc.) that you are familiar with from managing your email messages. Your new account will now appear in Thunderbird's folder pane. Most media sites and blogs that are regularly updated have feeds. Look for a familiar RSS icon or text link on the site.

On most sites the link appears at the bottom or on the side of the home page. Right-click on the RSS link and copy the link’s address.

There's almost always a way if you look hard enough, especially for a very specific issue like this.

First install my Cim module unless you enjoy writing reams of pointless code, as we're going to use it to manage Cim connections and do fast remote registry queries (even to Windows Server 2003).

Please Note: this will be affected by the amount of updates that have been added to the Feed within the frequency time and whether you set the auto-poster to post repeats or only post new entries. You can set whether or not you want to be notified when posts from the RSS Feed are sent out in which case you’ll be sent an email when a new posts is sent out. By selecting whether a Feed is Active or Paused, you can temporarily disable an auto-poster without having to delete the settings you’ve added.

You can save your settings now otherwise, please see the Advanced Options below. You can select whether the system will look to post out existing posts which were added to the RSS Feed previous to it being added to Sendible or whether only new posts are brought through.

While not many people use RSS directly anymore, there are content aggregation sites (like Feedly) that pull in RSS feeds in order to display the content.

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If a new folder is created, the folder's name is derived from the feed's title.(If you use Mozilla Firefox, click NOTE: On some large websites, the home page’s rss or feeds hyperlink is not a feed itself, but a link to a set of feeds provided by the site.For example, a major media site may have different feeds for its news, sports and entertainment sections. Thunderbird will validate the link, create a new folder, subscribe a valid link to the new folder, and download all current articles.A while ago, I decided I wanted to add the trademark symbol (™) to my Word Press site name – High Tech Dad – so that all pages and articles would have “High Tech Dad™” tagged on to the end of each page title.This process was easy enough to do, but little did I know that by doing it, it would actually break my RSS feed’s validity.And I did a bunch of investigation to try to first understand the issue, and then to fix it. But I was saved by the coding expertise of Shane Bishop, the brains behind the incredible plugin, EWWW Image Optimizer which can compress the images on your Word Press blog in order to make it serve content faster. ) So, I can’t take ANY credit for the fix that follows!

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