Usaa mint not updating

You would think USAA would improve this app in the year since I last reviewed it, but it is not to be.Has anyone else had trouble with their Chase credit cards not updating on financial sites like Credit Karma and USAA? Quicken asks which phone number to send the temporary passcode, I choose my phone, the temporary passcode appears, I enter it, and Quicken says it can't connect to USAA. Unfortunately I had to go through each USAA account separately using the above procedures instead of being able to link all accounts on that first page. With me, after I select the phone number, I don't receive a temporary passcode. I tried changing to Direct Connect as recommended, with no luck. Do that and you should be in business for that account. I use QMac2017 4.3.1 on Sierra I am also having a problem with connecting to USAA. I even deleted all my USAA accounts and uninstalled Quicken so I cannot change the account connection to the direct connect type since I cannot even add the accounts to begin with. I'm using their two way verification process so I have to enter my online id, password, pin then I receive a code in my phone that I have to enter as well.

They changed the font to show less and added a stupid space wasting bar at the bottom. I complained about the problems with the i Phone app. They stopped supporting the better i Pad app and force us to used the watered down app.

USAA used to be a great bank - now they are intentionally making it difficult to use their app (and web site) 1: When a new document is received, need to click through several layers of menus acknowledging that there is a new document, what kind of document, which document, etc. 2: When fingerprint recognition fails or is canceled, app is automatically disenrolled from fingerprint recognition, requiring a several-step re-enrollment process.

Likewise for incorrect PIN, need to go through full enrollment process through mediocre implementation of web interface. 3: No app feedback form or bug report system available other than App Store reviews.

HSBC and Ally offer the most competitive savings account rates around and they are online only (HSBC gives you an ATM card but you cannot go in and get customer service at a local bank).

The only thing that has held people back has been what to do with physical checks but USAA has that solved and I suspect other banks will follow suit.

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