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Since its announcement at Google’s I/O conference back in May, Android 6 Marshmallow has been at the forefront of any Android ultras’ mind. Updating your phone to Android Marshmallow is an incredibly simple task – follow the steps below – although when it becomes available is very much dependent on your phone manufacturer and mobile carrier. ” have been on Android users' minds since that announcement, but starting from 5 October Google will officially begin to roll Marshmallow out to phones.Net Applications measured 31.2% of the world’s PCs still running XP in October 2013.That’s a problem: when Microsoft stops supporting an OS, it doesn’t only withdraw its technical-support services – it also stops updating the software.Currently, Google hasn’t made the Android Marshmallow factory image available for download, but when it does, this is how you can upgrade your nexus device.

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On these pages, we’ll illustrate how easy it is to move an old XP PC over to the latest version of the user-friendly Ubuntu Linux OS – and suggest which programs to use in Linux for your everyday tasks.This is where were tackle the question “what should I do if I am still running Microsoft XP?”For an OS that’s three releases behind the times, this shouldn’t be big news, but XP has proved remarkably tenacious.Longer-lasting products with carefully selected eco-friendly materials, which combines beauty with practicality.Sustainability in the mobile phone business: it's no longer a cliche. "Green" and "sustainable" may go down in history as the great cliches of the 21st century, the era of greenwashing and carbon export to foreign shores.It's the long­-lasting smartphone with three easy-to-change modules. Except this is a phone.) Buying a new phone every time you drop it is now history.

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