Updating your ps3

Figured I'd at least post this somewhere, since Sony made a pathetic move today (April Fools, yeah right) that affects a large number of PS3 owners; the removal of Other OS.

The 3.21 update apparently does nothing but remove a feature for "security concerns." I didn't even want to install it on my PS3 Slim, so I went and adjusted my server to bypass the update for myself and others.

Besides getting new games and movies downloaded straight to your console, one of the benefits of the Play Station 3's persistent Internet connection is installing new console updates without having to take a break to use the computer.

Now we have to copy the firmware update on our stick: download and extract the firmware update you downloaded, you should have a PUP file of about 180-200Mb. Insert the USB stick in your PS3, Last chance remove any blue ray game disks..

Or what happens if you want to hack your Vita but you haven’t downloaded the exploit game you need yet?

In theory, you simply cannot download a game from your Vita’s Download List directly because of these blocks that Sony imposes.

the anonymous game i am already on level 20 or more than and when i update my ps3 all of it is gone and i go back to level 1 again.

An update to the PS3™ system software was released on November 1, 2016.

But you can’t stay on your Vita’s current firmware just like that – Sony will force you to update if you want to access the PSN Store (as shown above).

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