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Jedoch sieht man wie er 2 - 3 Sekunden durch das Tabellenblatt huscht.

Dazu habe ich im Internet den Befehl: Also habe die Lsung herausgefunden.

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Google tells me that this is a job for the gl Buffer Sub Data function but I'm not sure how to use it.I pretty much guessed on how to use gl Buffer Sub Data here, since I can't find any tutorials on using it or any sample code for updating a VBO.I figured that the last argument in gl Buffer Sub Data indicated which buffer to replace data in (instead of the actual data), but I guess binding the buffer does this?I currently have Iview435 on my computer since 2013. Actually, my main use is to create a thumbnail Photo Directory of residents in the senior facility where I live. I also use it occasionally to create a collection of photos for printing. Find and install complete themes made by other Pro Boards members that will transform your forum with the click of a button.

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