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While the option to Purge All Caches in your Word Press Admin Dashboard is preferred since it clears all caching layers, sometimes caching issues may prevent you from logging into your site, or it may be that accessing the User Portal is just more convenient at the time.Whatever the reason, feel free to use this option to purge your site’s cache as well!As you enter different folders, the files and folders which lie within will be listed in the panel below their parent folders.

Google even says so outright in its Quality Rating Guidelines.Sometimes when updating content over SFTP, or in the Word Press Admin Dashboard, you might not see your changes reflected immediately when viewing the site.The reason for this is that our caching system is doing what it’s meant to do – caching your site’s content to make it load faster.Wordpress is not only one of the easiest platforms to use, but it is one of the most secure sites for your business to be built on.New releases come out every few months for Word Press, and the software is easy to update to the latest version.You can browse into and out of different folders by clicking on the different levels of the folder tree.

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