Updating startup caches


NET installation in a way that required a full reinstall to correct.I saw another person on the Microsoft forums who was planning to offload the files to a SAN for day-to-day performance improvement, then move them back incrementally if updates failed.

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Is there any reference or supportability statement anywhere telling that I could or must not do that?

Some of these things are not Web Start’s fault per se. A key piece of background: the most important point of Web Start for us is the notion of auto-update.

We periodically put a application Jar up, update the JNLP to point to it, and our users get the new version running on their PC without a re-install process.

For a few percent of users, it simply does not work. Yes, we upgrade them all to the current Java, the current browser version, etc.

Most of the time we get around this with a cycle or two of completely removing then reinstalling Java.

Java Web Start doesn’t work for a large number of users We have the same trouble here.

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