Updating phone firmware to callmanager


Figure 7.1 illustrates how the Cisco IP phone acts as a three-port switch.

With IP phones residing in a separate VLAN—a voice VLAN—it is easier for you to automate the process of deploying IP phones.

To deploy Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, network services need to be established and properly configured on all routers and switches for Cisco IP phones to function.

This chapter describes the typical boot process for Cisco IP phones and indicates the best practices related to configuring the network to support Voice over IP (Vo IP). Just like a switch, the phone can support 802.1Q frames between itself and another switch, and more than one VLAN can be supported between the Cisco Unified IP phone and an access switch.

Look for Based on the firmware version that's currently in the phone, the list on the left shows you all the possible firmware versions you can load.

Just like the previous menu, all you need to do is select which version you want to load and we'll tell you about what procedure you need to use and a little about it. This file contains the load_information tag that tells the phone which image it should be running.

Based on what your phone has loaded, we'll then show you a choice of possible firmware(s) you can load into your phone.

After you choose what you want to load, we'll then (try to) explain a little about the loading process and what you need to do.

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I think that a lot of folks will agree that loading a Cisco phone can be either a piece of cake or a total pain in the butt!!! - But we'll do what we can to make it a little less agonizing for you. From the first list, you'll tell us what firmware's currently loaded in your phone.

Below is an image of the settings after the *file install and the default settings.

While there was a delay after the upgrade and the reset of the 9.4(2)8 settings, my other 8900 device did change firmware versions.

I was working through a factory reset process on my Cisco 8945 phone and after the reset completed successfully, the phone attempted to download the latest firmware version from the device defaults page. After a quick upgrade task, the firmware was statically set on the device.

Within the 9.4(2) release notes that are associated to the firmware version of CUCM 10.5.2SU2a, it states that the firmware can only be upgraded from 9.3(4) onwards.

Then the phones reboot and come up on the previous factory firmware load on the device. Most likely this is caused by a phone running on a firmware older than 8.5(2) being upgraded to something newer.

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