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You cannot make any updates to your coursework section until your application is in the “Verified” status.Please note that during the Academic Update we will not make changes to previously attempted repeats at different schools.Once you update your coursework via academic update and submit the update to SOPHAS, you cannot update your coursework again at a later date. Once the Academic Update period opens on June 21, 2018, all applicants in a “verified” status may navigate to the “Coursework” section. Click the “Switch to Completed Session” button next to any Planned/In Progress terms that now have grades, and then enter the grade for each course.At this time, you may also enter any new planned or in-progress courses.Academic Update is a period of time during which you may update any coursework completed since you originally e-submitted your application.

You receive an email notification once an upgrade has completed.

With the number of apps people have installed on their devices today, regular updates can help an app get more mindshare relative to other apps on a device.

Releasing regular updates keeps an app top of mind because it will show up in the updates list like the App Store or Google Play Store.

What I'm really asking is, how do I know I've received location for the first time then stop it immediately? The setting to nil has really nothing to do with retain release cycle, it is simply to avoid location Manager sending delegate call to your controller.

If you want again used location Manager then you have to again set delegate.

You MAY make updates to your coursework section for newly completed or planned courses using a system called Academic Update.

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