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It is a collection and as such is an ongoing project.

I am not missing anything, I just simply do not have one yet, if indeed it is worthy or being collected.

My last image update for my device collection was back in March, since then I have passed the 150 mark. It is getting increasing hard to take a decent photo of all the phones in one image, I have managed to but please no comments on the image quality.

When I hit 200 I will do all my Nokia gear again as well as that has increased too.

Now if you are interested in knowing exactly what devices are in the collection, then here goes.

cam, 3250 m Ah, Additional sensors: Yes All details | Added to the comparison'; if ((cmp_num = get Cookie( 'cmp_device_num' )) !the firmware on my ngage (original) is 3.47which is the latest supported in israeleurocom which is the local nokia representitive won't install higher versionsdoes anyone know how can i get my ngage upto version 4.03 ? So I decided to try out some N-Gage (1.0) games on it. I always end up getting "Memory card corrupted" right after starting a game. How many minutes/hours can you expect of gameplay ?However, there is still a way of accessing your Hotmail email messages on the N-Gage.From 'Services', enter the URL , and you'll be able to access your Hotmail mail via WAP - note that availability of this service is not over-reliable! The N-Gage can be used as a 'modem' to connect over Bluetooth (Not infrared). How many minutes/hours can you expect of gameplay ?

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