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The turn by turn thru my head set and radio is great. It's accurate, fast, has never lost signal, even in mountain passes and in the Redwoods, kept signal even through a mountain tunnel a couple of times, and so far has not led me astray. The 590 is fine if you are not looking at it with bright sunshine right behind you, but in that situation, I sometimes have to shield the screen with my hand to see clearly.

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NOAA tools—such as nautical charts, accurate positioning services, and ocean and weather observations—play a key role in ensuring that shipments move swiftly and safely along our marine highways.

Much like road maps, nautical charts provide basic navigation information, such as water depths and the locations of hazards.

,' operates in many ports around the country, providing up-to-the-minute information on tides, currents, salinity, water and air temperature, atmospheric pressure, and wind (speed, gusts, and direction).

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